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RIAHAYN ALKIMYA company was established in Oman with the aim of producing and supplying all kinds of natural flavorings and essential oils for use in the food industry.


Our goal is to improve the quality and enjoyment of food products.


Developing innovation with creativity can be the source of great, useful and positive changes.Floraceae company is trying to provide a new perspective to producers by providing essential oils and flavorings.

Hot Products

Our products include more than a hundred diverse and quality products that can compete with large companies and institutions and include all kinds of essential oils and flavorings and all kinds of food colors.

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RIAHAYN ALKIMYA Company was established with the aim of producing and supplying all kinds of natural flavorings and essential oils for use in the food industry.


Designing different types of flavors according to the needs of customers.


Production based on new technologies


Quality improvement with continuous control.

In today's market, there is a growing demand for flavours and essential oils, particularly those of natural origin. Riahayn Alkimia a company based in Oman situated in Al Rusayl Industrial Town in Muscat, is dedicated to producing a diverse range of natural flavours and colours under the brand "Floraceae" to cater to the needs of food industry. Through the utilization of cutting-edge technological equipment and a skilled team, Riahayn Alkimia has successfully achieved large-scale production of high-quality products, which meet global standards. Our products are specifically crafted for various food applications, including dairy, bakery, beverages, chocolates, and confectionery. By delivering top-notch products, we aim to further expand our network with our valued customers.


Hot Products

Toffee flavour

The sweet taste of toffee is widely used in most sweets and chocolates, as well as hot drinks based on coffee and chocolate.

hazelnut flavour

Natural hazelnut flavouring is available in different varieties (raw hazelnuts, roasted hazelnuts and mixed hazelnuts) with the ability to dissolve in water or fat.

Lemon flavour

Natural lemon flavouring is available in different varieties (lemon peel extract, lemon pulp extract and mixed extract of peel and pulp) and with the ability to dissolve in water and fat.

Orange Flavour

The completely natural orange flavouring is prepared by mixing orange peel oil and orange pulp extract and is soluble in water or fat.

Cardamom flavour

The pleasant flavor of cardamom is used in many food products, and its natural extract has a long-lasting aroma and is soluble in water or fat.

Mint Flavour

Mint is an aromatic and popular plant. Its natural extract, in addition to having therapeutic properties, is a factor for flavouring food products.

Coffee flavour

The taste of coffee is a constant companion of memorable moments in life. You can experience the real taste of an ideal coffee with the natural flavourings of Floraceae company.

Banana flavour

Banana is a popular tropical fruit in the world. The natural flavor of Floraceae Company's banana has a special place in the dairy, bakery and beverage industries.

Chocolate flavour

Chocolate has a very memorable taste. Chocolate flavourings of Floraceae Company add a pleasant sensation to food products.